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Orientación laboral para graduados de Enfermería en el Reino Unido

Point – 40 – £52,235

Point – 41 – £54,998

Point – 42 – £56,504

Anexo 2: Ejemplo de experiencia laboral en un centro de salud para la elaboración del currículum vitae en inglés.

Primary Healthcare Centre

Street Plaza Mayor

Zaragoza, Spain

Tel: 0034 976123456

From 1st July 2011 to 1st July 2013.

The health centre provides health assistance for patients at home, in the health centre or in residential homes.

The multidisciplinary team is composed by nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and social workers in charge of prevention, promotion and health education to individuals, family and the community and assisting in emergency situations.

The daily work schedule is 8am to 3pm covering non-emergency assistance and 3pm to 8am covering emergency care.

The increase of an aging is a major global concern in terms of social and health dependence. It is therefore essential to plan regular visits to achieve patient autonomy and prevent hospitalisation

Key Achievements:

–                      Provide health education to make individuals and groups learn to behave in a manner conductive to the promotion, maintenance or restoration of health.

–                      Promote health programmes in children, adults and elderly.

–                      Monitoring of a methodology of care supported by taxonomies such as NANDA, NIC and NOC and the establishment of Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns that allow a global approach to patient needs.

–                      Monitoring of chronic patients to achieve greater independence in basic activities of daily living.

–                      The most common chronic diseases that require regular nursing visits are diabetes, hypertension, COPD, Alzheimer and stroke.

–                      Development of palliative care for terminally ill patients

–                      Collaborate with the rest of the multidisciplinary team.

–                      Participate in nursing investigation to contributing to professional development.

–                      Care for the patient holistically with the objectives to satisfy patients physical, psychological and social needs.

Symptoms of earwax plug, performing otoscopy, technique of ear irrigation, possible complications in ear irrigation, advise to the patient after removal of the plug of earwax.


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